In the very competitive market of luxury accommodation, where do you stand ? What are the criteria used to rank your hotel / resort ? Are they really match the high standards of top ranked hotels in the world ? Even though the classic industry standards are the basis, did you take into account the emotional aspects, the overall client experience and sustainability ?

With the perpetual evolution of the expectations and requirements of the international clientele, it is crucial to regularly assess your business and provide adequate answers to stay on the top.

Luxus Consulting Group will help you make an objective assessment with the collaboration of senior consultants who have first-rate operational experience in their field. A clear and comprehensive report with responses/actions plan will be given to enable you to integrate this approach into your overall vision.

Scope of services

  • Accommodation assessment.
  • Catering and F&B audit.
  • Improvement plan with training session / internship, maintenance plan, sustainability actions.
  • 2 years plan solution.