People’s interest in a product is influenced by their perceptions. Public Relations is a fundamental factor of communication, which has the ability to control or sway potential clients’ behavior. Connecting and communicating with your target client is an essential factor in determining the success of your business.

Luxus Consulting Group is experienced in creating, influencing and maintaining public image for luxury clients, setting trends and leading the competition.


Before starting any PR plan, we take a step back. We assess your position in the market, your aims and ideal plan of action and from there we create a strategy. We identify the method with which we will raise the profile of your product or service.

Knowledge & Application

We are experienced in our field and will make any extra effort to fulfill your wishes. We adapt to your unique needs and treat each client individually. Tailored approaches in B2B campaigns, corporate communications, PR and media campaigns are some of our strengths.

PR Services

Always of the highest quality, we employ a number of methods to convey the strategies identified by our team. This may include press releases, press kits, newsletters, e-mails, launch events… whatever is most suitable for your product or service. Similarly, media trips, media clips, social media are other examples of ways to communicate with the target audience and set trends.