Customer safety is crucial in the hospitality and yachting industries, as the company is fully responsible for the wellbeing and security of their guests at all times. At present this issue must be addressed as a main and complete process by management and all employees to meet health and safety standards.

Luxus Consulting Group focuses on yacht assessment taking into account a large scope of elements (crew, first aid process, fire prevention, both legal & liability aspects…) to provide a comprehensive report with a plan of action. In particular we base our work on the guidelines set by the MCA and our own experience in yacht management, still keeping in mind a hospitality approach.

Luxus Consulting Group manages also consulting services for small hotels or resorts to create an overall view of guest safety and security with time scaled actions and good practice guidance.

Luxus Consulting Group's consulting services have been brought up to date since the EEC have released the 90/314/EEC Package Travel Directive, which makes the yacht broker or tour operator liable for the negligent actions of third party suppliers and secondly since insurance companies calculate the insurance premium partly on the capacity of the company to address these issues.

To emphasize however, Luxus Consulting Group does not provide in-depth surveys, like for fire prevention resulting in official certification.

Scope of services

  • Guest safety and security consulting,
  • Yacht assessment consulting.